Glucose Screening in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of many changes in the body especially with all the hormones coursing through the body and then the various diet changes as well. For these reasons gestational diabetes is quite common among pregnant women in at least 10 percent of pregnancies.  But if the condition is caught early on during prenatal

How many doctor visits should you have during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and motherhood are joyful phases in a woman’s life but along with joys it does come armed with some worries and anxieties as well. Blame it on hormones, or the obvious changes that the body goes through to prepare for the baby’s arrival. You can come across myriad opinions, suggestions, myths, quick-fixes and so

Managing Adolescent Menorrhagia

Adolescent menorrhagia is in fact not a very common or uncommon condition. The lack of sufficient awareness and information on the condition can lead many adolescent girls to wrongly assume slight heavy bleeding as menorrhagia. Hence a proper assessment and management of the condition is necessary with the right treatment plan. When there is an

Adolescent Menorrhagia

Adolescence is marked by great physiological and physical development in girls and making this transitioning period smooth and healthy is a task in itself both for parents and medical practitioners. The solid foundation of their reproductive years is laid during this time and a consistent menstrual cycle is an important part of that. Menorrhagia is

Menstrual Cycle – Understanding what is normal

Be it for optimum reproductive health or even for overall well-being, understanding the menstrual cycle is a significant step for a woman. The various monthly hormonal changes in the woman’s body are what governs the menstrual cycle right from menarche up to menopause. The woman experiences her first period or menarche around the ages of

Options for treating fibroids

When it comes to treatment options for fibroids, there are quite a few but it is important to choose a treatment modality based on your goals and required outcomes. And again, when the fibroids aren’t impeding any plans to get pregnant, treatment may not be required. Many research studies have proven that asymptomatic fibroids do

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine Fibroids can be defined as the abnormal yet noncancerous growth that form inside or on a woman’s uterus. Most often seen during the woman’s childbearing years, such fibroids are also known by various other terms like leiomyomas, myomas, uterine myomas or fibromas. There could be a single fibroid or even multiple ones and as

Nutrition in Pregnancy – Busting the ‘Eat for Two’ Myth

The role played by nutrition during the pregnancy period is something that has implications on the health of the mother, the baby as well as on the baby’s health in later adult life. Optimal nutrition is what needs to be stressed here and not the myth of ‘eat for two’ that is still doing the

Concept of Birth Planning

The birth of a child has and will always be something that is unpredictable, but birth planning is something that can go a long way in communicating a mother’s expectations and goals regarding the birth of a child. The time of labor is difficult for everyone and the mother may not be in the right

Vaginal Infections

Vaginal infections vaginitis, or inflammation of the vagina are fairly common and the tendency to treat by self-medicating is also on the rise these days, with medicines being made available at the click of a button and Google being at everyone’s beck and call. Maybe it has to do with the stigma of not being able

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