It is advised to book appointments with your respective consultant prior to your visit to the hospital, to avoid any delay and disappointment. You can either call the hospital and book your slot or book an appointment online. Please arrive few minutes before the appointment time, to finish registration and payment formalities. If we can be of further assistance before your appointment, please do not hesitate to call.

Note:- Sometimes it might not be possible to examine the patient at the appointed time, as the consultant might have been held up in an unexpected emergency or procedure. Every effort will be made to minimize this delay, kindly co-operate.

Appointments for other specialities: Though our hospital is an exclusive ObGyn hospital meant to deliver a high class care for women of all ages, we also have other specialities which offer care for our patients round the clock if required.


  • Paediatrics
  • Infertility
  • General Physician
  • Psychologist
  • Child Behaviour Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Opthalmology
  • Dermatology

The concerned specialist will examine by appointment, you will be guided regarding the same by our staff.



  • On arrival at DSH, please proceed to the front desk and the staff will guide you through the procedures.
  • If it is your first visit to the hospital, you will be handed over a registration form to fill in your personal details which will be required for the hospital database. (Please provide the correct details).
  • On submitting the registration form, the staff will guide you to the billing counter to complete the payment formalities further to which you will be given a personalised file for consultation purposes. You should bring this file each time you visit the hospital.


  • Post billing formalities you will be advised to remain in the waiting lounge and you will be given an approximate time by which you will be examined by the doctor.
  • You will be taken to the doctor once your turn comes.
  • After you are examined, the doctors will record all the details in your case file.
  • If any investigations or scan required, the doctors will advise on the same.
  • On completion of the particular investigation/scan you will be called again to see the consultant along with your reports.
  • The doctor will discuss about your problems, illness and treatment and about your next visit.
  • If any further specialist consultation required you will be given an approximate time. Our staff will guide you regarding the same.



  • After the consultation, if the doctor has advised any investigation / scan, you should go to the billing counter along with the request slip duly signed by the doctor.
  • After payment for the investigations / scan you will be given a bill which has to be produced in the respective department.
  • Any special instructions for the test or time duration for the scan should be enquired with the staffs of the respective departments.
  • Through the entire process you will be guided by our staff.
  • The respective department personnel will tell you the approximate time by which the test reports will be ready.
  • Please have the patience and wait in the waiting area till you are called for review of your reports by your doctor.



Kindly inform the receptionist at the hospital 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment if you are unable to keep your appointment.

Thus patients in need can be allotted slots for consulting the doctor.

The next available slot for rescheduling the appointment depends on the availability of the consultants.


The formal acceptance by a hospital or other inpatient health care facility of a patient who is to be provided with room, board and continuous nursing service in an area of the hospital or facility where patients generally reside at least overnight.


Admission Policy : DSH is committed to provide in-patient services by trained and competent staff, infrastructure with a service focus and patient comfort priorities only if the services are available.

Admission Objective : To make sure all patients coming for admissions are getting beds within allocated beds.


  • Elective admissions will be recommended by the consultants after out-patient (OP) consultation. Emergency admissions are done directly from the consultation chamber.
  • In case of Elective admissions – On arrival please proceed to the front desk and show your admission record slip duly filled by the consultant.
  • The staff will guide you to the OPD chamber where the doctor will do a preliminary examination after which you will be sent to the respective ward. You will be accompanied by the staff nurse.
  • Meanwhile the attender will be guided to complete the admission formalities.
  • Please remember to bring the following documents during the time of admission: Patient file/any medical reports available, admission record slip duly signed by the consultant, if the patient is insured, please provide the insurance related documents.


Please avail counselling prior to your admission from the administrator or the billing department regarding:

  • Treatment plan after discussing with the treating doctor.
  • Rough estimate of proposed treatment.
  • Mode of payment: Cash/ Debit card/ Credit Card
  • Any information regarding the bill during the hospital stay.
  • Insurance and other reimbursement queries.
  • Guidance at the time of discharge.

Note:- When patient shifts from one type of accommodation to another type of accommodation, higher accommodation charges for the stay will be levied.



  • Entertainment: Cable television service is available.
  • Internet Wifi facility: Available for luxury ward (subject to server load)
  • Food: There is facility to order food of your choice. Patients are also allowed to bring their own food.
  • Call bell: Provided at the bed side to call nursing staff for any assistance.
  • Telephone: Dial 9 for any operative assistance.
  • Pharmacy: Building premises is housed with a pharmacy, where patients can buy medicines required for the treatment. (Facilities like mini fridge and microwave available depending on the type of ward)



  • At the time of admission an advance is collected from all patients.
  • Following the operation and at subsequent intervals the billing personnel will keep you updated about the cost of hospitalization being incurred to the patient.
  • The patient should clear the bill before leaving the ward and then collect the discharge summary from the ward sister.
  • Any queries regarding the bill can be cleared from the billing section.
  • All insurance patients are subject to discharge only after approval from the insurance company.
  • On holidays no insurance facility available.



  • As a service to our patients, provided below is a list of insurance TPA’s DSH is currently empanelled.
  • The following TPAs are empaneled with DSH: Medi Assist, Vidal, FHPL, UHC, ICICI Lombard etc.
  • The following documents will be required for processing your insurance at the time of admission: TPA card, Employee ID Card, Patient ID & Address Proof.
  • Please contact your insurance representative or the insurance cell in the hospital to determine if the particular service is covered by the insurance. We do not verify your benefits at the time of your appointment.
  • In the event that your insurance fails to pay for our services the balance will be your responsibility.
  • For any queries related to insurance or packages please contact our billing department or the administrator.
  • On holidays no insurance facility available.



  • The patient will be informed about the tentative date of discharge by the doctors during the ward rounds well in advance, so that they can make arrangements for travel, financial clearance of bills etc.
  • A summary of the medical record which includes the clinical details, treatment offered, investigations, progress of the patient during the hospital stay and the treatment which the patient should continue at home will be given by the ward sister at the time of leaving the ward.
  • The ward sister / duty doctor will explain in detail regarding the medicines which the patient should continue at home.
  • The summary will also mention the next follow-up date and time for review with the consultant.



  • In case of any emergency please call the hospital numbers or the doctors who will advise about the immediate care to be taken.
  • If advised to rush down to the hospital we have ambulance services which can be availed. The hospital staff will guide you accordingly.
  • On arrival the doctor on board will examine you and inform the concerned consultant for the needful instructions and actions.

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