Pregnancy diet and childhood Obesity

Pregnancy diet and childhood Obesity

Is the Pregnancy diet and childhood Obesity linked?
Obesity has become pervasive than ever before. Researchers and dietitians who delve into the core of it converge in opinion in attributing lifestyle and lack of exercise as the prime reason behind the prevalence of obesity among people. While those are good enough reasons for excessive fat build up in our body, recent researches point towards an aspect hitherto underlooked by many when dealing with obesity – Pregnancy Diet!

The Pregnancy Diet Myth
Increased body mass in women is an unavoidable aspect of being pregnant. The weight of the baby, amniotic fluid and extra blood circulation around the body all contribute to the additional weight that you might gain during pregnancy. Most part of this weight will be laid off once the baby is delivered. An average woman gains about 8-12 kilos when pregnant.However, most of this weight will eventually be lost in the labour room itself. The tendency among women to cut down the fat-intake, when pregnant, to stay healthy and in shape might misfire and bring about a series of health consequences for both the mother and the child. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually necessary that women add some body weight over and above that of the baby. Therefore, it is essential to strike the right balance in diet.

The Link Between Pregnancy Diet and Childhood Obesity
Recent researches in the field of childhood obesity suggests that dieting during the pregnancy period could predispose the child to obesity. Lack of adequate nutrients in the food pregnant woman consume could cause chemical imbalances in the body of the unborn child which could manifest as obesity in the child’s later life. The mother being fat or lean has no or little bearing on the weight a child may put on but rather the food that the mother consumes when pregnant determines whether the child is obese or not,according to the recent studies. Epigenetic changes in the fetus as a result of lack of necessary nutrition is the primary cause of obesity in children. Dietary interventions during the later life of the child might not entirely be the solution to cure obesity.

To curb childhood obesity in a long time perspective, care and attention should be focused on the pre-natal diets. Regular exercise, after consultations with your doctor will help in remaining in-shape rather than unregulated dietary cuts during pregnancy.

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