Debunking the myths about C-Section

Debunking the myths about C-Section

Every woman that has gone through childbirth understands the immense labour of love and sacrifice behind it all. This is irrespective of whether the birth was a C-section or a natural delivery. In no ways is one method superior than the other, what is important is that at the end of it all, a healthy mother & baby remains. C-sections or caesarean delivery is sometimes planned in advance and in other scenarios it is done as a life-saving emergency surgery and the best judge of this is definitely your doctor. Multiple pregnancies , complication during labour, including non progress, infection are some of the reasons why C-sections are performed. The C-section experience is different for everyone.Much has changed these days but there still exists certain fears and orthodox belief systems surrounding C-section almost to the extent of labelling it as ‘unreal birth’! Let’s look at some of the top myths about C-section and the actual reality with respect to this;

C-section birth is the easy way out: There is nothing easy about being strapped to an operating table and like any surgery C-section is certainly not the easy way of childbirth just because the pain is numbed with anaesthesia. The abdominal surgery is a major one and wound care and period of rest is as critical as in any surgery. Saying that you must suffer the pain to bring a new life into the world is just a sexist remark.

Breastfeeding is not possible after C-section: How you deliver has nothing to do with your ability to breastfeed your baby. It may seem like it takes a little longer for mothers who deliver via C-section to initiate breastfeeding than those who deliver vaginally. The initial discomfort is there after the surgery but once you get through this, breastfeeding can be done immediately.The post surgery medications prescribed will not be harmful for the baby too.

Recovery is longer for C-section: Ample rest and proper wound care will be prescribed but after a C-section, women are often advised to move their bodies to avoid further complications. The recovery may be slightly tougher but certainly not longer and you will not be bedridden for sure.

Once a C-section always a C-section –There are studies to support the fact that a vaginal delivery will be possible for 60 – 80% of the women who have had a C-section once. This mostly depends on the reasons as to why the earlier C-section was performed. There is no hard and fast rule that a vaginal birth will not be a safe choice for later pregnancies after a C-section.

You can’t get postpartum depression with C-section – The hormonal shifts happen after the baby is born and going through a vaginal birth is not a mandatory factor for postnatal depression or PTSD. The feelings of adjusting to your new life as a mother and taking care of the little one are the same whether you have a normal delivery or C-section. Just be aware of your emotional state and ask for help if you have trouble bonding with your baby.

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